El escritor colombo-estadounidense leerá una selección de su obra poética

Miguel Falquez Certain - Foto Diana Bejarano

Miguel Falquez Certain – Foto Diana Bejarano

Este martes 7 de mayo a las 7 de la noche, dentro del marco de la serie poética First Tuesday Presents, cuyo director es el poeta y traductor Richard Jeffrey Newman, se destacará la poesía de Miguel Falquez-Certain en Terraza 7 Café.

Miguel Falquez-Certain nació en Barranquilla (Colombia) y reside en Nueva York desde hace más de tres decenios donde se desempeña como traductor en cinco idiomas.

Es autor de Reflejos de una máscara, Habitación en la palabra, Proemas en cámara ardiente, Doble corona, Usurpaciones y deicidios y Palimpsestos (poemarios); de Bajo el adoquín, la playa (noveleta); de seis obras de teatro: La pasión, Moves Meet Metes Move: A Tragic Farce, “Castillos de arena”, “Allá en el club hay un runrún”, “Una angustia se abre paso entre los huesos” y Quemar las naves, así como de cuentos y relatos. Book Press–New York publicó Triacas (narrativa breve) y Mañanayer (poesía) en 2010. Mañanayer obtuvo la única mención honorífica en The 2011 International Latino Book Awards en la categoría de mejor poemario en español o bilingüe.

Falquez-Certain leerá una selección de su obra poética en inglés.

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Metro No. 7 hasta la parada de la calle 82 en Jackson Heights (http://www.yelp.com/biz/terraza-7-elmhurst-2). Para obtener mayor información, por favor comuníquese con Richard Jeffrey Newman en rjn@richardjnewman.com.

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Terraza 7 Café, ubicado en el 40 –19 de Gleane Street en el barrio de Elmhurst en Queens.


A continuación, un poema de Miguel Falquez-Certain:

Hypothesis of a Dream

And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking onto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

―First Samuel, 18:1


Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth ― for thy love is better than wine.

 ―The Song of Songs, 1:2


Nevertheless, I never offered a thorough report of your absolute surrender. After all, I was the one who had gone searching for your scent of moss, until I found you distracted at the bar in the opal-tinged lights of the afternoon. Sycophants, preventing me from coming closer, were surrounding you; our eyes met patiently. While leaning over, I noticed the dark-blond down that made furrows on the back of your neck; I felt the swell of your breath and foresaw a capitulation. Our lips showed us the path.

A recent break-up had made me vulnerable. I lusted after your kisses; I longed for your young body sweet as sugar cane; I breathed in the fascinating insolence of your unsophisticated loquacity. I relinquished everything for your lips. While the summer’s scorching sun was hitting the walls, I nibbled on your buttons, until I pulled them out and found you, strong and flawless, in the intoxicating sweat of your thighs, in the inner perspiration of your navel: We sat up in the midst of the bed sheets impelled by the obstinate onslaught of a deferred lust, rising up in the umbra tree of that irreparable afternoon.

Habits make us despicable. Ordinary and fainthearted, preferring security instead of the chance of reaching for the sublime, I went back to the winding, although familiar, path, to the compliant arthritis of forgetfulness.

Even though you offered me everything, I chose the comforts of an insipid bonding. Long ago, I lusted after the kisses of your mouth. You are no more. You exist in the hypothesis of a dream.

To Magdalena Araque

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